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10 Things You Should Know Before Moving To Castle Rock CO

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When moving to a new town or state, we often don’t have the luxury of spending time in the community to learn more about it. So, if you’re thinking about moving into a home for sale in Castle Rock CO, we have assembled a list of important features and facts that might be helpful.

10 Important Facts About Moving to Castle Rock CO

1) Does it really snow a lot? No, we just want everyone to think that it does, so they don’t all move here. That’s why we try to schedule Bronco games on snow days. Actually, we get about 300+ days per year of sunshine.

Moving To Castle Rock Co - Denver Broncos Snow Game

World Champions, The Denver Broncos Entrance Filmed by Pastapadre

2) The Rock. Yes, there really is an enormous rock in the middle of the town. It’s a large rock formation, called a butte, that resembles a fortress and it sits at the top of a hill just north of the center of town. Other visible landforms are Mount Evans, Dawson Butte, Devils Head and Pikes Peak.

3) The Rock Cult. Every year the citizens of Castle Rock gather under the great rock to light a Christmas ornament. Seriously. This is a tradition called the ‘Lighting of the Star’ that started in 1936 and still continues to this day. Just like the original ceremony, the ‘Lighting of the Star’ is still a time for the community to get together and celebrate; read eat, drink and be merry. Castle Rock has a lot of excuses events that promote getting off of the daily treadmill to relax and have a good time. These include events suitable for residents of all ages.

Video shows downtown Castle Rock, the landforms and the Starlighting Event.

4) We still have prairie dogs. If you don’t know, don’t ask.

5) There is more to do here than shopping! That said, Castle Rock is home to the Promenade, one of the largest community center developments in the United States. With construction still ongoing, the Promenade will cover 166 acres and include retail stores, restaurants, services, multi-family residences and outdoor spaces. If that isn’t enough, right next door is the Outlets at Castle Rock, which is the largest open-air outlet center in the State of Colorado and is home to more than 100 brand name stores.

6) The hospital food is really good. No, seriously. It’s really, really good. The local hospital serves gourmet food complete with a wait staff and a delightful ambiance, all at a fraction of the cost of eating at a local restaurant. How do they do this? The restaurant, called ‘Manna’ is subsidized by the hospital. Though patients can order room service from the restaurant, 75% of the customers are coming to the restaurant only for the great food.

Kitchen At The Manna Restaurant

Chef’s Kitchen at the Manna Restaurant

7) Restaurants. If you’re not up to reserving a table at the local hospital, Castle Rock has a variety of restaurants with top notch food and great chefs. It’s guaranteed you’ll never want for good food and your next favorite chef is no doubt waiting for you here.

8) What is the elevation of Castle Rock? Castle Rock’s elevation is approximately between 6,000 (Happy Canyon) and 6,845 (Keene Ranch) feet above sea level. Castlewood Ranch and the Diamond Ridge/Puma Ridge/Maher Ranch area are about 6,700. So, it’s important to acclimate yourself to the higher altitude. This is easily done. Colorado has extremely low humidity levels, similar to a desert, which means you will need to drink twice the amount of water you would usually need. Also, until you are acclimated, you will need to cut your exercise routine to half. For instance, if you normally run 6 miles a day, try running 3 miles instead. Alcohol will hit you harder than it would at sea level, so take it easy on the drinks. If you’re a golfer, you’ll discover that golf balls travel 10% further in this environment, so you will need to fine tune your swing. Follow the above advice and you’ll hardly know the difference.

Symptoms Of High Altitude Sickness

Possible Symptoms of High Altitude Sickness

9) Amy Adams. Born in Italy, raised in Castle Rock, Amy Adams is one of Castle Rock’s own. We are proud of Amy’s success and hope she never forgets her Colorado roots.

10) The speed limit on I-25 in Castle Rock is 65mph. Why do they say Castle Rock is where Denver ends and Colorado begins? Because you can drive by with great views and don’t miss the new Castle Rock Parkway. This increase in speed could easily be equated to the speed that Castle Rock is moving into the future. With guidance from the local government and its vocal citizens, the township is rapidly improving the infrastructure, supporting local business development, funding state of the art recreation centers, and increasing the diversity of high quality entertainment venues.

There are more facts we could share for those considering moving to Castle Rock CO, but everyone is closing shop early today and heading over to The Grange in The Meadows for another yearly event.

Hope to see you soon!

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