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4 Reasons to have a Romantic Getaway at a Colorado Dude Ranch

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It would be difficult to find anyone who does not agree that parents of young children need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life every so often! For those who already live in the state of Colorado, there are many options for an easy and romantic getaway (without the kids!) that do not require the hassle of traveling by plane.

Have you ever considered a romantic getaway to a Colorado dude ranch? This type of vacation is perfect for adults looking for an intimate, fun and unforgettable vacation.


Here are four of the top reasons that people travel from around the world to Colorado to enjoy a dude ranch vacation:

1 – All-Inclusive – Each individual dude ranch offers unique amenities, but many dude ranches are all-inclusive, which means they provide three delicious meals a day. Depending on the ranch, the food that guests eat might be sourced from the ranch itself. Many dude ranches also offer services such as a spa and various classes – such as yoga, cooking, fly fishing and horseback riding.


2 – An Opportunity to Learn New Things. When was the last time you picked fruit and vegetables from a garden, went on a cattle drive, or spent time birdwatching? This is just a small sample of some typical activities available at a dude ranch. You may want to participate in some or all of the activities with your partner, or you might want to enjoy pastimes on your own. No matter what you decide, you can rest assured that your stay at a dude ranch will be filled with activities that are simply not available back at home.


3 – The Scenery. People who live in Colorado might take the views of the Rocky Mountains for granted on a daily basis. But when you’re on a dude ranch vacation, it’s practically impossible to not appreciate and relish the beauty of your surroundings. Each Colorado dude ranch is set on it’s on area of land, but most are in incredibly serene locations that allow for unparalleled views of the landscape and the opportunity to see wildlife in its natural environment.

4 – Adults Only Vacations Are Available. Many dude ranches are perfect for a family vacation. However, some dude ranches offer specific weeks that are restricted to only adult guests. Be sure to call ahead if you’re flying in. However, these weeks are perfect for Colorado parents who want to enjoy a semi-local vacation that does not include children.


Make sure to check out these websites for a list of dude ranches that offer adult-only vacations:

On your next “no kids” vacation, make sure to consider a stay at a Colorado dude ranch. There are many choices, and each offers its own unique comforts. A getaway such as this is sure to leave you with pleasant memories to last a lifetime!

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