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Xeriscaping in Douglas County CO – A Wise Investment

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Whether you’re relocating to Douglas County or you already live here, xeriscaping can add value to your property.

Xeriscape Garden Example

Xeriscape Garden – Photo By James Steakley (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

During the warm summer months, have you noticed that many sprinkler systems just seem to run and run and run for hours on end? Have you also noticed that quite a bit of water is not absorbed by the ground and ends up running down the street and ultimately funneling into a storm drain?

If you’re planning to move to Douglas County, CO you should know that we get about 18 inches of rain per year. The US average is 39. What does this mean and how will it effect you? It means you will be part of a state-wide water conservation effort. According to the Douglas County website:

Today, 98% of all Douglas County residents and businesses served by central water service are now covered by a State-accepted water conservation plan. That’s one of the reasons the South Denver Metro Region has reduced its per capita water use by 30% since 2000.

When it’s warm outside, lawns, gardens, and community areas in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Parker, CO can require a substantial amount of water to keep them looking green and vibrant. In Colorado, since water is a limited resource, using a significant amount to keep water-hungry grass varieties and other plants alive can be wasteful – not to mention that large quantities of water can be downright expensive!

Opting for Water-Efficient Landscaping

In Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Parker, and all other areas in Colorado, there are alternatives to maintaining a sprawling green lawn, shrubs, and garden plants that require a considerable amount of water. One of the most popular options is Xeriscape. Landscaping that uses a Xeriscape system requires very little water – but can yield beautiful and impressive results and that includes an attractive lawn.

A Beautiful Lawn With Legacy Buffalo Grass

Green Valley’s No Mow, Water Wise, Legacy Buffalo Grass – Photo Courtesy of Green Valley Turf Co.

Understanding the Concept of Xeriscape

Information published on Denver Water’s website explains the history of Xeriscape. The term Xeriscape dates to the early 1980s – a time when there was a water shortage in the Denver area. The word Xeriscape, which was coined by Denver Water, is a combination of the words landscape and the Greek word xeros, which means “dry”. The concept involves utilizing low-water plants to create impressive-looking grounds and lawns that require no watering.

Xeriscape can be implemented in residential areas, community gardens, designated open spaces – and just about any location where foliage can be planted! Because water conservation remains an important concern throughout the entire world, Xeriscape can be an excellent choice for both front yards and backyards – no matter how much sun or shade these areas regularly receive. There are currently many residential and community areas in Castle Rock, Castle Pines and Parker that feature extraordinary Xeriscaping.

Interested in Learning More?

There is quite a bit to learn about Xeriscaping, and there is no shortage of information available on the internet. Take a look at the following websites for more useful and helpful information:

Many Benefits of Xeriscaping

As mentioned above, one of the most important benefits of Xeriscaping is that it involves utilizing foliage that requires a minimal amount of water to create an attractive garden. However, many other reasons to consider Xeriscaping include:

  • Xeriscaping is drought-resistant – which means this type of garden can survive long periods without a significant amount of rain
  • Lower water bills – gardens that require very little water can result in low water consumption and a significant monthly/yearly savings
  • Impressive gardens are highly desirable – a home with mature Xeriscaping can increase the value and desirability of the property
  • Xeriscaping attracts valuable pollinators – bees and other insects are attracted to Xeriscaping, which is something that helps the environment overall

People who live in a covenant controlled community in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, or Parker should talk with their property management company or neighborhood association before making plans for Xeriscaping. Some covenant-controlled neighborhoods have specific recommendations when it comes to altering the look of your landscaping.

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